Upgrading a Non SSD​ Late 2014 Mac Mini to Fusion Drive


Upgrading a Non-SSD Late 2014 Mac Mini to Fusion Drive. Today I have a little treat for you and hopefully, it will save you a little money in the process, although to be honest if you bought the Hard Disk version of the Late 2014 Mac Mini, you will probably be thinking that the little powerhouse is not really that great.

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The New Network UnFi’d (The pre story)

Ok, guys as per the previous posts, over here in Sunny Lincolnshire we have a new network, its actually been through a few iterations from the last x6 Airport devices and the Cisco SOHO switch but I thought I would share the new network as it has been asked about since I mentioned it.

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Deploying SCCM 2016 Current Branch – Part 3

Awesome so we have made it this far in the current series of posts, it’s not an easy one to write and I know it’s not easy to read, now that we are at the last steps of the installation stage, I am even getting a little tired of doing it. So as a quick overview of what will be coming up in the next few months:

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Deploying SCCM 2016 Current Branch – Part 2

Well Part 1 was pretty brutal and it only gets worse for you from here when installing SCCM, I may be a little cynical but I enjoy the configuration of SCCM more that the act of installing everything, I am far too impatient and it has never been an easy task to get SCCM ready for install.

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Deploying SCCM 2016 Current Branch – Part 1

Something that I have been doing a lot more of for the last year or so and I have really gotten back into it. I dipped out when SMS 2.0 went over to SCCM 2003 (yes I am that old :o). I went off and did the RIS (Remote Installation Service)  and later WDS (Windows Deployment Service) for which I have done blogs on in the past and I really enjoyed those technologies and playing with the automation, not obvious to the casual observer is that a good grounding in WSUS (Windows Update Services) and WDS makes life a lot easier when it comes to SCCM, a lot of the batch scripting and PowerShell Scripting comes in handy.

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I’m Back

Wow, so it has been a hell of a long time between the blog posts and so much has changed and I have so much to share with the world, I would love to have an excuse as to why I have not written a post but I have been from London to Glasgow and everywhere in-between since my last post and I have worked with some very talented individuals and some amazing companies. So I thought I would quickly write this to kind of set a schedule for myself and try and get back into the blogging for the website. 

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Antivirus Software

Firstly sorry for the long delay in posting it has been nearly a year since my last blog post and I am assuming this is going to be written for the pure benefit of myself and google analytics. Its been so long because I have been kept busy by Serco and the Lincolnshire CC account.

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P2V Deployments

P2V Deployments – This is a brief outline of the steps required to perform a successful P2V (Physical to Virtual) migration. Whilst this is generally for the use of VMWare converter using a VMWare ESX host. The following steps for Hyper-V and other Server or non-server virtualisation products. I will not go into the full details of how the converter works as this can be found readily on the internet.

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Installing and configuring your WDS Server

After yesterday’s post, it really fired me up to do a few more of the old projects, even though my old formatting and typing as well as the information being somewhat out of date I thought I would still go over it and publish it rather than it sitting on the deepest depths of the NAS in a folder labelled “OLD PROJECTS”. Whilst WDS is one of the longest documents I have ever written its still a fascinating piece of underused and unloved technology that has matured over time and is great for deploying Windows Servers and Desktops.

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Windows Deployment Server (WDS)

Windows Deployment Server – With all the talk of the Brexit and the unfortunate conclusion, the fear of the new beginnings I thought I would take a break from reading the news and listening to the political ramblings of the masses, and have a throwback Thursday and rehash some of my projects, this to re-write them so that they no longer look like the original and to anonymise the project paperwork so that the original client cannot be discovered.

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Stopping the Windows 10 Upgrade

I’ve had a few customer computers in recently with the issues of Windows 10 upgrade, either it being the upgrade Nag screen or the forced install of Windows 10 onto the customers computer, luckily all the customers have either ignored the Nag screen or managed to get the computer to me within 30 days of the computer being forcefully upgraded. Furthermore, it has in one instance added 4Gb of downloads to a customers download cap, though sneakily downloading the install files in the background, even during Windows Updates it doesn’t show the download of 4Gb, something that I have witnessed first hand in my lab environment.

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