From the Desk of Seb

Whilst I am working on the latest instalment to the home network blog post and checking Facebook I thought that you would like to see where all the magic happens at Ghouletech Ltd.

My Desk

As you can see we have everything a seasoned geek like myself needs.

The MacBook Pro and display, the printer and coffee.

Yep as you can see I am an avid reader of Mac format, and I hide an obsession of old iPhones….

Couple of things to note, the Pringles are contraband in this house and I am only allowed them in short supply and must at all times remain on my desk. The second and most important, the handgun on the desk is a legal BB gun that is only used for target shooting, it has since this picture was taken been locked away in its’ safe place.  Lastly but not least, yes I have waterless hand wash, I keep this stuff everywhere, it’s especially useful when you have been using other peoples computers and you just want to clean your hands without moving too far.